The old Chinese proverb which says something to the effect; “may you live in interesting times” surely was thinking of Canada under the fatherly leadership of Justin Trudeau. He said he would reduce gun violence and increase public safety with his Bill C-21, yet gun violence increased exponentially across the urban landscape.

He said he would correct the discrepancies in justice for disadvantaged groups by removing mandatory sentences and reducing jail time for offenders and letting more people out on bail who should not receive it, and by gosh, he did it!

He anointed the fool who helped him do all this to the head of the armed forces, for goodness sake, which will create a great liberal opportunity to justify why Canada is so far behind in their NATO commitments when they hold Justin’s feet to the fire this week in New York, while our First Nations are still waiting for clean drinking water on many reserves.

Here are a couple of examples of how public safety is just ticking along to the Trudeau Happy Days tunes.

In an article published 25 June, 2024 by Brad Hunter in the Toronto Sun, we find the following account of yet another youth arrested for shooting and killing an innocent citizen:

Former Crown attorney, Conservative MP and public safety critic Frank Caputo said Tuesday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done little to stem the tide of violence. “After nine years of Trudeau, gang shootings have more than doubled and violent crime has increased 39%,” Caputo said…

Instead of going after violent offenders and gangs that lead our youth into a life of violence and crime, Justin Trudeau relaxed bail, took away mandatory jail for gun crimes and has focused on attacking our hunters and farmers.”

In an article in the National Post dated 28 June, 2024 by Tristin Hopper, we find out how well PM Trudeau’s recent Bill C-46, an attempt to fix carjacking, has become:

On Tuesday, the Toronto Police announced they’d made 124 arrests in a crackdown on carjackers. Of those, the agency noted that 44 per cent were on bail at the time of their arrest, and 61 per cent of them were promptly given bail again”.

He also goes on to state:

Just last week, a 15-year-old Toronto boy charged with armed robbery was also hit with a charge of failing to comply with a release order — an indication that he had recently been released from custody”.

Now we know that hand guns are readily available to criminals where they are unavailable legally to legally licensed firearms owners here. How do they get so many?, why they smuggle them across the US border under the noses of our understaffed and underfunded Border Services folks.

So, now that you have your smuggled Glock 9mm, were do you get the ammo, cause this is Canada and you need your license to buy it legally. According to a Times Now article on line, ammunition is now available to American consumers at grocery stores in some states in the US via vending machines! Our Premier wants to put liquor in corner stores in Ontario, why not these?

Where can I buy some 9 mm ammo? Why you fool, Circle K has one of those ammo vending machines, snuggled up in between the Bud Light cooler and the tampon vending machine in the corner right next to the condom dispenser. But, you gotta show proof of age dude!

Only in Canada.