1. All members and guests shall, upon arrival at the Club, record the date, time of arrival and sign their initials in the sign in book.  Guests must fill out a guest log, directions can been seen on the white board in the club house. The departure time will be recorded when leaving the property.

  2. Alcohol or drugs are NOT permitted on Peterborough Revolver and Pistol Club property.  Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to shoot and will be required to leave the property.

  3. Shooting at our Club is only permitted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday and between the hours of 12 noon and 11 p.m. on Sunday.

  4. Firearms may only be uncased at the range firing line. The Directors may approve an exception for a Club event or a sponsored course of instruction.

  5. Firearms will be handled in a safe manner and Club property will be respected AT ALL TIMES WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

  6. The range shall be under the direction of a Range Officer and his/her commands and instructions must be obeyed at all times, without question, by all persons using the range.

  7. When the firing line is active, the range door shall be closed and locked with the red light on until the Range Officer declares the line safe. The green light may then be turned on and the range door opened.

  8. When the Range Officer gives the command to cease fire, shooters will stop firing immediately. Shooters will make their firearms safe, close their ports and step back over the floor red line. After inspection the Range Officer may give permission to approach the target area. No person shall step back over the red line until the Range Officer declares the line safe and the red light is changed to green.

  9. When the range is active the sign at the property entrance shall so indicate.

  10. Non member visits are restricted to three per year.

  11. When a new member of the Club completes and passes a safety course under the supervision of a Club Safety Instructor and has completed the probationary period for membership in the Club, he/she will be permitted to shoot only rim fire until the shooter has qualified and has been signed off by an Executive Member to shoot centre fire calibers. Shooters will be restricted to shooting bull’s-eye only until trained in other aspects of handgun shooting such as cowboy and Police Pistol Combat.