Hi All
We were told this evening that one of our regulars has passed. He wasn’t the best shot but he would rack up several wins through the year. Occasionally he would not only win the free game but also pick up a hi gross win. It happened often enough that when someone else did it, we called it a Robert : ) Robert W. will be missed.
 The heat played havoc with us tonight but every participant won (a small group). In the 22 Mark W shot a 251 to win hi net, I managed a 296 to win the hi gross and Gary H won the free play. In the centerfire, Loranne, shot a 249, taking the hi net, I won my second hi gross, this time with a 295 and Dave M. walked away with the free game!
I’d like to thank Mark W. and Dave M. for cleaning up after us, Heff B for running the show and Loranne for recording our scores.