This evening we held the 2023 Gallery Awards shoot. Before we started the awards we had a moment of silence to remember Robert Welsh. Robert was a friendly competitor who was always looking for the double, or would win both the free game and the high gross with the same targets!

We present a plaque to the person with the most gross score wins in 2023. This year the honour goes to Loranne Thompson! Loranne amassed 25 wins out stripping Charlie who placed second with 19 wins. All those who won a gallery were awarded a gift card and encouraged to try harder next year to topple this years champion off her stand : )

This evenings target was a Zombie Santa. A prize was given to the person with the highest score, the lowest score and then there was a draw using the shot targets as entry tickets.

The highest score was 65 and the winner …… Gary Harrington!

The lowest score was 5 and the winner …….. Mr “Bumpy Air” Glenn (last name with held to protect his reputation)

The lucky target winner goes to …….. Judy Bell!

Tonight’s dinner was Pot Luck. We dined on pulled pork, pulled beef, chili, a noodle casserole, cheese buns, onion buns, Christmas cake, fudge, rum cake, crumble pie, butter tarts (thanks Judy), turn overs ……. you get the idea, lot’s of great food, it is the season.

I’d like to remind the membership the gallery will resume January 2nd and all skill levels are invited. The competition starts at 7pm, so come early and warm up.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Tom and Loranne