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From an editorial piece in the Toronto Sun, 16 January, 2023 describing a letter sent to Prime Minister Trudeau states, in part,:

The unanimous call by Canada’s 10 premiers and three territorial leaders for the federal government to impose tougher bail conditions on those accused of gun crimes is just one of many steps needed to better protect the public…Trudeau said Monday Ottawa will look “carefully” and “quickly” at the proposed change, spearheaded by Ontario Premier Doug Ford, after 28-year-old Ontario Provincial Police Const. Grzegorz (Greg) Pierzchala was fatally shot near Hagersville, Ontario in December”.

But wait, didn’t he tell Canadians that his new Bill C-21 and the freeze on handguns would “better protect the public”? Of course he did, yet it didn’t. This guy has been missing in action as the world goes by. He will look at the problem carefully and quickly but will he act carefully and quickly? Only if what he does garners him more votes at election time. I, for one, would be surprised if anything constructive evolves from the efforts of our Premiers.

The bottom line here is this, our Prime Minister doesn’t pay attention until all, yes, all the Premiers gang up on him. Only then may he listen to a reasoned argument about anything, it seems.

The Pierzchala case spoke volumes about what has been wrong with Canadian bail and gun laws ever since Trudeau senior changed our justice system into the touchy-feely left wing mess it flounders in today. That’s right, two generations of soft on crime approach, both in the courts and in the correctional system in Canada.

Now, having spent some years working in the law enforcement/corrections environment, I have some thoughts on what changes Canada needs to look at myself. But, that is for another day.

If it took all the Premiers to get the attention of our Prime Minister, what chance did a couple of groups representing the interests of firearms owners have? Not much in my opinion, although we are represented by some very astute and hard working organizations. They just don’t seem to have the same pull as the Premiers do. Look how they pushed Trudeau around over health care!

This leaves the outcome for firearms owners in the hands of the courts with respect to the handgun freeze and the market for compensation in the case of the prohibited firearms list, which seems to grow daily. In this respect, our representatives are working tirelessly on our behalf.

However, going through the courts on any issue could take years to resolve and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for firearms organizations to fight. It could come down to a war of attrition.

The market forces have yet to determine what is going to happen with the proposed “buy-back” program announced initially by the Federal Government. Nobody wants to take it on, it seems. In the meantime better keep those safe Queens oiled and cleaned, they could be there for a long time.

So, stay tuned, if nothing else our Prime Minister’s response to the Premiers should be good for a laugh!