The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation seems to have suffered an epiphany, that “Aha!” moment when the light finally goes on. I was watching the CBC news network last evening when “The National” came on. One of their episodes was a commentary on the following:

“The majority of handguns seized by Ontario police can be traced back to the United States. CBC News goes undercover to show how easily these guns, which are legal in the U.S., can end up in Canada as illegal weapons destined for street crime”.

Now for a news organization which has not exactly been in the camp of legal firearms owners in Canada recently, this episode, well documented and explained in common language which excluded the usual anti-firearms rhetoric, was surely an epiphany for the broadcaster. I just had to watch!

If one watches this short video, about seven minutes worth, one of the comments that struck home was the complaint by law enforcement in Canada about the Federal Government’s total lack of funding for the technological equipment needed to combat illegal gun smuggling into the country, predominantly from Texas. True evidentiary based reporting.

We are all aware by now of the thrust of the Government’s attack on legal gun owners and the amount of money they are willing to spend to shut down the hunting, sport shooting and related wholesale and retail industries in this country costing thousands of jobs. All to garner votes from those among us who do not understand the firearms culture embedded in our heritage.

To illustrate the point I need only quote an article from today’s Toronto Sun by Kevin Connor:

“One young man was killed, and two others were wounded in a triple shooting in a Fairview Mall underground parking lot on Monday afternoon”.

I vividly recall watching the filming of a movie segment in that same parking area a number of years ago at the invitation of my grandsons’ father who worked on the project. I even gave the project’s famous gun wrangler, the late “Frenchie” as he was known, one of our Club hats which he prized for the rest of his career!

The point here is that even the CBC, heavily funded by our Federal Liberals, has had an epiphany regarding the spurious attack on legal gun owners simply to gain favour with the voters. Is the press now turning against the Government on this issue? We will have to wait and see.

Surely our political leaders are not so naive

as to think that legally responsible gun owners in Canada are causing all this loss of life. They must have some idea that their policies are misplaced as even some of them must watch the CBC from time to time.

If that is the case then, our politicians are ignoring and/or refusing to acknowledge the evidence and the root causes of violent crime purposely, to advance their political agenda, which in itself is immoral criminal behaviour.

Canadians may now be waking up to the fact that our Government’s illogical policies on firearms, are causing needless death and injury among young people and innocent bystanders all across this country, driven for purely political gain.

If the venerable CBC has finally clued in, perhaps the great unwashed of this country will finally wake up and smell the Titegroup!