The jury has rendered it’s verdict!

It seems Mr. Trudeau’s long awaited vindication for his out of touch gun control legislation has been delivered by the Mass Casualty Commission report which he so vehemently fought against calling in the first instance.

This leads one to believe that the whole charade was a political construct from the get-go. He will now take on a “see, I told you so”, attitude towards the banning of further firearms and ammunition sales in Canada in the interest of “Public Safety”.

He may now assign the organ grinder’s monkey, Public Safety Minister Mendicino, the Liberal “Italian Stallion”, Rocky Balboa, of partisan politics to bear down hard on legal gun owners without, in the PM’s mind, any political repercussions as Trudeau turns the crank some more.

In his National Post article of 31March, 2023 Tristin Hopper succinctly states the following:

The firearms used in the massacre were illegally obtained from the United States, but the inquiry recommended massive bans on legal firearms anyway. Specifically, the report said that Ottawa should “prohibit all semi-automatic handguns and all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns that discharge centre-fire ammunition and that are designed to accept detachable magazines with capacities of more than five rounds.” This is not far off from the sweeping gun ban recently pursued by the Trudeau government, only to be abandoned following near-universal condemnation from hunting and First Nations groups…

The recommendation for a mass prohibition of pistols and long guns is notable given that documents tabled before the Commission spawned the Lucki Affair, which involved revelations that then-RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki had pressured massacre investigators to leak preliminary details in order to provide political cover to a proposed Liberal gun ban. In its final report the Mass Casualty Commission also advocated bullet control; tighter limits on stockpiling ammunition, and some way to guarantee that anyone buying ammunition was the legal owner of a firearm that could use it”.

As one political commentator stated on the CBC last evening; “if Brenda Lucki had still been the RCMP Commissioner today, she wouldn’t have been tomorrow”. Well said and now proven that she was complicit in pushing for firearms information for the purposes of enhancing a legislative agenda during the investigation of a horrific tragedy.

There is no doubt that the RCMP may be completely out of touch with today’s law enforcement requirements in some areas, however, let us not condemn the dedication of many of the men and women (and others?) who have dedicated their lives to the service of the public interest. They are trapped in a cultural vortex that will not easily be rectified by the recommendations of some bureaucratic committee.

So, where does this leave the firearms owning community today? Well, there have been many commissions in the past and even more recommendations pronounced. Let’s look at one example, the state of health care in Canada and the number of reports recommending changes in the last thirty or so years and the outcomes of these recommendations. What has improved? Nothing, it is getting worse by the day.

Will the current recommendations automatically lead to the implementation of legislative proactive enforcement against legal firearms owners? Time will tell and we are still waiting for the courts to render their decision on various firearms issues.

In the meantime, we are still awaiting the real jury’s verdict on the Mass Casualty Commission debacle.