Recently, the Five Eyes Security team held a conference and failed to invite Canada to attend. Are they now to be known as The Four-eyes? Seems we have been kicked to the curb.

From the editorial page of the Toronto Sun, dated 23 April, 2023 comes this comment:

It comes as no surprise that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau privately told our NATO allies there’s no way Canada will ever meet its funding commitment to that organization”.

Under the current Liberal Government, run by that most Woke Statesman, Justin Trudeau, Canada has become the laughing stock of the Western World in general and Canada in particular.

Seems we have been dining at the NATO restaurant for all these years and when it came time to pay the bill, we got up and left our allies to bear the cost of the bill! Two per cent GDP was all the tip that was required and all we left on the table was chump change!

The big question now is; “How is Canada going to defend itself and its territory against the world”?

From the comments section of the National Post, dated 19 April, 2023:

Lyn Chapman:

Justin Trudeau is nothing but an embarrassment. He spends our hard earned tax dollars like a drunken sailor and is continually jetting off in our government jet for vacations outside of Canada. His corrupt government has funneled more money into the hands of Liberal friendly consultants than any other government in the history of Canada. He has also divided our nation like no other prime Minister in the history of Canada. Criminal violence is out of control due to the governments complete failure to address illegal firearms coming into Canada, unvetted immigration, and a failed justice system that allows criminal offenders to continue with their lives of crime on the street. As for the NDP, they took away our democracy for their own personal gain”.

Should we join the United States of America in order to defend ourselves? The down side of that argument is I am sure that would cost more than the two per cent GDP that NATO asked for and we may end up with Donald Trump as our leader. However, on the bright side, we would possibly have the American Constitution along with its Second Amendment. Wouldn’t that sit well with the liberals!

It is about time Canada got serious about its defence and protection of sovereignty. We have a long and glorious history of military accomplishments and too many lives have been lost defending the society that is now being squandered by idiots in bad suits.

The answer might be simple, but hard to swallow for liberals in the audience. In drafting the Liberal Bill C-21 we kept hearing how they looked at other jurisdictions for guidance. Sure, but only the ones that supported their policies.

Well, time to look again at other jurisdictions to see how they defend themselves. Countries like Israel, Switzerland, South Korea and formerly, the United Kingdom. They all used some form of National Military Service, or, as it is better known, the Draft. Anybody want to take on the Swiss in a fight? No.

Our military is crying for recruits right now. It would create youth employment and training and provide some real skills, unlike our current school system. It could direct youth away from street gang life and provide some sense of self worth. It could make uniform and shoe polish manufacturing jobs relevant again!

We might better be able to defend our sovereignty in the North, defended now by half a dozen well meaning Inuit with old Lee Enfield, not yet prohibited, rifles. Legion membership would explode; it could provide real meaningful parades and we could send this guy Santa Claus packing!

To be on the safe side, we can throw in free parking at the Draft offices!