The Liberals are at it again! Trying to screw gun owners and the parliamentary system at the same time. Ms. Rachel Dancho, the Liberal Public Safety Critic has called them out on their tactics.

Bryan Passifiume: in the National Post; 9 May, 2023 states:

Motions introduced Monday into the House of Commons on the government’s controversial firearms bill are engineered to limit debate and force it through the house, Conservative MPs allege”.

But why all this gamesmanship over Bill C-21 in the first place. Sure, Trudeau and his henchmen think they are gathering voting support by pandering to the anti-firearms crowd and this will take up space in the national media for the next little while, but, let’s look deeper.

Guns kill relatively few Canadians in the great scheme of things. Period. Oh, sure, many more shootings and stabbings have taken place in some large urban areas. There is the thorny issue of a couple of mass killings, which is very tragic, notwithstanding. But, I feel that something more sinister is going oh here: the attempt to avoid dealing with Canada’s real social problem; the opioid crisis.

Blair Gibbs and Keith Humphreys: also in the National Post; 9 May, 2023:

In 2000, Vancouver launched a new public-health focused strategy to address drug addiction, which ever since has increasingly emphasized harm reduction, including supervised drug consumption sites, heroin clinics, community distribution of powerful opioids and decriminalization.

However, deaths kept rising every year and, in 2016, the province declared a public health emergency. Five years later, deaths had more than doubled again. So despite noble intentions and a substantial resource investment, British Columbia’s overdose death rate is now as high as the worst affected parts of the United States”.

It seems that the more the government, such as it is these days, focuses on issues other than the opioid crisis, the better for them. We have the gun issue chewing up media space, the war in Ukraine eating away at even more media space and a Prime Minister who is more interested in foreign travel than dealing with foreign interference in our election process.

Can’t deal with that issue directly because we apparently have an intelligence system that can’t communicate with the PMO, or the blame is laid directly at the feet of CSIS and we can’t take immediate action on interference due to the possibility of foreign retaliation if we do!

So, the Government, with the deft assistance of the NDP, focus on the one issue they think will scare the liver out of voters and take prying eyes off the bright headlight coming at them in this political tunnel, the opioid crisis: guns! That will take up media space and deflect the difficult questions, because deflection is the name of the game here, from the real problems facing Canada.

So, the next time you speak with or write to your MP, ask them how many Canadians have died during this opioid crisis? What does the government intend to do about it?

Since our sterling Prime Minister decided that by legalizing marijuana, he would become, in the eyes of the voters, the de facto King of Canada far too many Canadians have died by means other than by gunfire and no politician seems overly concerned.

Perhaps the opioid crisis needs a Rachel Dancho on their side!