Media reports tell us all we need to know about the current social landscape in Canada. It was an eye opener today.

A Canadian Press release in the Toronto Sun on 24 May, 2023 reads as follows:

York Regional Police say one man is dead and another was sent to hospital after an early morning double shooting in Vaughan… Officers responded around 3:50 a.m. to a shooting at an industrial plaza on Creditstone Road near Highway 7 and found two men with gunshot wounds… One man died at the scene and the other was sent to hospital”.

It is obvious to the casual observer that the Trudeau government’s war on legal gun owners is working miracles. Only one man is dead in this case. As this incident took place in a quiet industrial mall at 3:50 a.m. The report failed to mention the number of willing witnesses lined up to speak to police at that hour of the morning. Perhaps the next legislative step is to pass a curfew law restricting movement by night after say, 10:30 p.m. or so, when the Jay’s games usually end.

In a report from the National Post on this date as well, we have the following scenario:

A B.C. school district is investigating after a guest speaker appears to have ended their presentation by handing out “safer snorting kits” to assembled teenagers… The booklet also notes the wide variety of drugs that can be consumed via snorting, from cocaine to crystal meth and even fentanyl and ketamine”.

Now I have to admit, I have no idea what ketamine is. Could it be that only secondary students in British Columbia know of its existence? When I was in high school, back in the day, liquor was the bad guy. Now they are advertising the use of drugs openly in the one province with the highest death rate from drug overdose in an opioid epidemic totally ignored, it seems, by our Federal Government.

Then there is the release of the report of the Special rapporteur David Johnston and covered by the CBC. Take what you will from this exercise but one of his suggestions is as follows:

Johnston said he put together a detailed classified annex of what he said actually happened in relation to each media report. That will be provided to the prime minister, members of cabinet and officials or opposition leaders who are willing to get security clearance”.

In the comment section of the report I found the following to be very informative:

Mar 18,2023 Andrew Coyne, Globe: “There is first his personal relationship with the Prime Minister: Mr Trudeau himself has described him as a lifelong ‘family friend,’…There are also professional associations. His status as one of 23 ‘members’ of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation…The Rideau Hall Foundation, which Mr. Johnson founded and chair, was the recipient of a gift of millions of dollars from the Trudeau government to mark his retirement as Governor-General,”

The question arising from this report will be; “is the Government of Justin Trudeau going to undergo a confidence vote as a result”? I doubt it.

So, what does a casual observer of Canadian issues take from this media output? Guns used in illegal killings while honest gun owners pay the price; free drug snorting kits being handed out in high schools to help kids as young as fifteen get into drug use with ease in a province with the most overdose deaths in the country; and, an inquiry about not having an inquiry about inquiring into the activities of a foreign nation deflected by a Prime Minister through a family friend to encourage inquiring minds to look the other way!

Here we are, only one month away from celebrating CANADA DAY!