A Toronto Sun headline of 1 June, 2023 states:
“Trudeau government proclaims annual day against gun violence”.
Does that mean the other 364 days in the year are for gun violence, in his mind? This from the guy who brought us “catch & release” bail for gun offences. Will there be T-shirts for sale advertising this landmark event? Do you get a free T-shirt to wear at your bail hearing if you shoot someone on that day?

What about those who commit offences while out on parole? Don’t forget, that entails early release as well. Another T-shirt perhaps?

Terry Newman in the National Post on 25 May, 2303:

“Parole is not a favour, and it’s not granted to an inmate to be nice. It is an integral part of the rehabilitation process, helping the person re-integrate into society, gradually, while still serving out their sentence under the watchful eye of the corrections system. It aims to reduce the possibility of recidivism”. Is it working? How well? We need data”.

So, corrections can’t even tell us if parole is a success? Who knew!

They always push this idea of reintegrating those who have been incarcerated for long periods of time. I remember well a term paper I did on the myth of reintegration in a corrections course in university. Reintegration does not work for most as they were never integrated into society in the first place, hence the need for all those social programs!

While our Prime Minister is in Toronto continuing the silliness he so loves, proclaiming one day against gun violence, things in Ottawa get even sillier. The Industry Minister wants to cancel fish farming by many First Nations on the west coast, who in my mind at least, probably invented fishing! She thinks fish farming will contaminate naturally migrating salmon and lead them to extinction. Hell, pulp and paper mills are leading the way there.

From an article in the National Post, 31 May, 2303 by John Ivison:
“The activist, anti-industry Trudeau minister who wants to unteach First Nations to fish”.
“The fear is that this is a minister who is ideologically driven to shut down an industry that its proponents claim generates $2 billion in economic activity in Canada and employs more than 8,000 people.

Sources in Ottawa suggest that some of Murray’s cabinet colleagues are already asking her why she plans to kill so many jobs. “Ministers won’t break publicly but there are a number who are really scratching their heads at this,” said one well-connected Liberal”.

Fish farming was an activity that brought success to many First Nation bands and ended poverty, drug abuse and alcohol addiction in many communities on the west coast.

Hey, are they going to sell “Unteach First Nations to Fish” T-shirts as well? Could be designed by local artists as a growth industry. What is going on here? Well folks, the same attitude as the one that is driving gun bans and buy-back ideas, the ideologically driven in the Liberal Party!

This initiative could cost some 8000 jobs for First Nations who depend on fish farming for a living. What about the thousands of jobs connected to the firearms industry? The ideologically driven said; “who cares”.

I look forward to the Trudeau proclamation of the annual day against fish farming by First Nations! Justin, I have some T-shirt designs in mind.