Mark Daniell, quoting Kevin O’Leary in the Toronto Sun, 9 June, 2023, makes the following observation:

Canada is a the richest country on Earth run by idiots,” the Montreal-born entrepreneur continued. “I hate to say that as a Canadian, because I have a passport… but I’m really unhappy about the way Canada is run. I’m not picking at any one politician, but there are very weak skill sets in management there, and that’s (why) you want someone from management to run a country.”

A great quote on conditions here in Canada from a guy who may, or may not, have passed his safe boating test! But he is rich and a former television star so perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt about running a country, which of course, he has never done. Well, he wanted to, but what happened there Kevin?

As the Chinese say: (yes, we can refer to empirical evidence in fortune cookie advice without interference in any elections) “may you live in interesting times”, or something to that effect. What the hell is going on here in Canada these days?

David Johnston’s inquisition on behalf of the Prime Minister in a quest to allow him to avoid answering sensitive security questions and perhaps upsetting some foreign diplomats, has just resigned because even he began to see the light at the end of the Trudeau tunnel and it was, yes, a big train although we are not sure if it was a CN or CP train as no investors were disclosed. How come our great leader left town as soon as he resigned? This seems to be a trend, me thinks.

Our other political pundits are now all howling for a Public Inquiry. Hmm….let’s give Trudeau something that may take years to conclude what we already know. Someone is interfering with our elections. That will give him years more as head of the nation which he is intent on destroying with his woke like policies.

With our Canadian house literally on fire, Trudeau’s henchmen decided to send in the military to help quell the flames. These are the same bright lights who sent our military men and women to Poland and then told them they couldn’t feed them, just buy your meals locally and put it on your credit cards. What? We will pay you back, in the fullness of time they said! Sure they will. In the meantime our forces go broke running up their credit cards.

It gets even better. We are told our troops have been sent overseas to train people and now have to buy their own equipment and ammunition as the Government of Canada, that glorious institution run buy idiots, according to Mr. O’Leary, can’t afford to equip the soldiers with gear and ammunition. They have to buy their own!

Now our Canadian Armed Forces human resources staff can’t figure out why nobody wants to sign up for this kind of abuse as a career choice. Nor can Canadian police forces, such as the RCMP, entice recruits to join their ranks due to those such as Black Lives Matter demanding the defunding of police. Good grief, next the Mounties will expect recruits to buy their own spurs and Smokey the Bear hats!

Amidst the Liberal’s woke legislative moves to let offenders out of jail easier, we now have Corrections Canada moving Paul Bernardo to a medium security facility in Quebec, of all places. Maybe he will now be able to take French lessons paid for by the tax payers so he can continue to harass the victims families, in both official languages, at his parole hearings. Thankfully, the Conservative opposition is taking steps to prevent this from becoming business as usual in the corrections game.

There has been much concern recently about the encroachment of artificial intelligence (AI) into our lives. Might be better if AI ran things in Ottawa. I suspect that AI might do more for us than those now in power, as perhaps Mr. O’Leary is correct when he says: Canada is a the richest country on Earth run by idiots.”