Our year end BBQ was a huge success, thanks to the hard work and planning of our Executive and volunteers. They deserve a big round of applause from all the members. A fun day with great food, friends and weather.

Some miles and a whole world away, another year of Parliament has ended. I don’t know how their BBQ went, I wasn’t invited for some reason. Most of us in the shooting sports are wondering, “where the hell do we stand now”? Bill C-21 is still before the Senate, at least until they wake up from their afternoon naps and handguns have been frozen forever, it seems.

This of course has brought gun violence to a standstill in Canada, all according to the great Liberal plan. Or has it?

As reported in the Toronto Sun on Tuesday, 27 June, 2023:

A daycare in Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market area was hit by bullets early Tuesday”.

Fortunately, no one was in the daycare at the time and nobody got hurt. This time. All is well because hand guns are unavailable and the AR-15 has been banned forever in the Great White North. Never mind teaching the daycare kids duck-duck-goose, just teach them to duck!

This is a prime example of virtue signalling at its worst. This added to the consistent non-application of real sanctions against those convicted of gun violence, thank you Mr. Trudeau!

If they do get arrested and sent to court they seem to get out on bail easily so they can re-offend because, of course, jail would damage their self esteem in the eyes of liberals. These offenders are all from designated underprivileged backgrounds, or so the politicians claim, they just need help, no?

Michele Mandel in the Toronto Sun dated 23 June, 2023 quotes Ontario Court Justice David Rose in his sentencing speech:

What is frustrating for the court is that there are limited options available on sentencing which will reduce the likelihood of re-offending,” Rose said.

What is needed is a more robust supervision and help program for those offenders who have some combination of a history of violence, mental health challenges, homelessness and substance abuse issues,” he said. “Currently all that is available is regular probation.”

And so the revolving door.

No money for programs, it seems, just money for buy-backs, seizures and freezes. In the meantime MP’s are off to their constituencies for the summer for more BBQ and to tell the good people of Canada how safe they have made this country. I can see and smell the smoke, I am just waiting to see the mirrors!

Enjoy the summer.