According to Brian Lilley in the Toronto Sun on 14 July, 2023, in an article on the recent shooting of an innocent bystander in Toronto:

“Toronto Police announced on Thursday that Damian Hudson, 32, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder for the shooting while two other suspects remain at large. Hudson has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2011, has been convicted of defying his probation orders at least 16 times, has three court order prohibitions against owning guns and was out on two separate bail release orders for violent attacks at the time of last week’s shooting”.

Another instance in which an innocent person pays the political price for the government’s failure to take effective action in the fight against rising gun violence in this country.

But, not to worry. The Federal Liberals are taking care of us vulnerable citizens via their Bill C-21 which, as we all know, will totally eliminate gun violence in Canada and save us from ourselves. However:

“Professors, gun policy experts urge government to scrap ‘flawed’ Bill C-21.  The group says the bill won’t address the root causes of gun violence, or stop the flow of illegal guns coming into Canada”

 Bryan Passifiume, wrote the above headline published Jun 15, 2023 in a National Post article which states:

“Instead of reducing crime, the letter reads, the bill will “punish hundreds of thousands of Canadian hunters, farmers, trappers, collectors, and sport shooters,” many of whom are Indigenous”.

On the day of the memorial held to honour the two deaths and thirteen injuries from the Danforth Ave. shooting which took place in 2018, the Toronto Sun reports that another shooting followed the memorial which took the life of one man, at 3:36 in the morning, no less. As Kevin Connor sets it out on 23 July, 2023:

“Police are looking for a suspect described as a Black male, under 25 years of age, with a thin build and wearing a black jacket”.

Or, as one commentator voiced in the Toronto Sun comment section:

“Soft on crime. No mandatory minimums. Easy bail. Zero done for illegal gun control. Not so safe injection sights. Pot shops on every corner. And let’s give away some hard drugs. 8yrs of Justin. Well, duh”! (edited for spelling)

With all due respect to the victims of this horrendous event in 2018, it is still used by media types to reinforce their disgust of legal firearms owners with little or no comment on the social conditions that lead to these shootings which constantly remain beneath the radar of our politicians. Now that the City of Toronto has a new mayor in Olivia Chow, perhaps they will put their money where their mouth should be? Yeah, right, don’t hold your breath.

Even the debate on bail reform has taken a back seat now that Parliament is in recess for the summer to allow the MP’s to make the rounds of the BBQ circuit. I understand that the protesters showed up at one of the events in Eastern Ontario in which our Prime Minister had to cut short his attendance due to the ugliness of the protest.

This kind of protest is totally unacceptable like the protests that took over Ottawa. Our politicians are due a little more respect than that and if we don’t agree with their policies it is time to mobilize the electorate and vote them out of office, not shout them out of town!

In view of the above events, we are in for a long hot summer. Keep your head down!