So Mr. Trudeau shuffled his Cabinet on Wednesday, 26 July, 2023. One wonders why such a move, especially if everything is going according to plan? Oh yeah, it isn’t. But seven Ministers dumped? That is not a Cabinet shuffle, that is the deck chairs being rearranged on the Titanic!

This clearly is an admission by Mr. Trudeau, his smiling virtue signalling face notwithstanding, that his government is failing on many fronts and that he has truly had the wrong people in the wrong chairs for far too long, so he stopped the music and voila!, a new Cabinet.

I was wasting some time the other night watching Sportsnet at 5:00 pm which features Blair and Barker; Jeff Blair and Kevin Barker talking about various sports issues. Somewhat entertaining, to say the least.

In their discussion of the upcoming Jays game in Los Angeles, they mentioned Jumbo’s Clown Room. My immediate thought was; “Oh no, they are going to talk about the Trudeau Cabinet shuffle which is taking place this week”.

Here on in, in my mind anyway, the Liberal Cabinet will ever thus be known as Jumbo’s Clown Room!

But no, Jumbo’s establishment is a strip club! Sadly, ours is the establishment that is in charge of creating our laws. One commentator mentioned that the sad part of this shuffle was that the Chief Minister, Mr. Trudeau himself, was not replaced as well. Time will tell if this was a smart move for the Liberal Government of the day or a huge blunder, typical of this government’s performance in general.

Our concern lies with the appointment of Dominic LeBlanc, reputed to be a former baby-sitter of Mr. Trudeau and one time prospect to take the leadership of the Liberal Party, also know as Minister of Janitorial Services.

Dominic LeBlanc will become minister of public safety, democratic institutions and intergovernmental affairs. He may be a competent minister, but, this portfolio sounds like an overwhelming work load and it remains to be seen how much effort goes into eliminating legal firearms ownership.

No denying his extensive experience in handling government affairs and it will be interesting to see if he gets explicit instructions to get this embarrassing Bill C-21 cleared up and made law as soon as possible. On the other hand, he may be the fall guy for this whole mess when the final bill for any buy-back program is finally completed.

The Conservatives, of course, will have a field day with the changes made. Bill Blair taking over as Minister of National Defence? Why on earth would Trudeau make such a move when he screwed up everything he touched prior and Anita Anand was making such positive headway with military matters? Oh well, a win for Treasury Board at least.

Time will tell if this cabinet shuffle is the life boat that Mr. Trudeau hopes it will be or if it will turn out to be akin to the ice berg that lay in wait for the original Titanic?

Nevertheless, it will no doubt be an interesting ride for the firearms community until this Liberal mandate runs out or is shot down. Oh, to be a mouse in the corner of Canada’s version of Jumbo’s Clown Room!