Police deaths in Canada are controversial. Every time an officer is killed while on duty folks seem to think it has been the worst year ever for officer fatalities. A look at the statistics shows that the two worst years were 1962 and 1968 with sixteen deaths in each year.

Recently, there were five deaths of police officers in 2022 and eight so far in 2023, oh wait, nine! Metro Police lost their service dog, Bingo, pictured here with his handler and best friend Sgt. Brandon Smith. The loss of this particular dog has devastated the members of Toronto’s Police Force.

Not everyone, however, is in love with police dogs. Erica Ifill of the Hill Times up in Ottawa writes the following headline;

“As a Black woman, my indifference towards the death of a police dog is warranted…” OK, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don’t think we know the background of the man accused of shooting Bingo, but as a bad guy, you gotta know that once a police dog has you cornered, the game is up!

What the hell is going on here in Canada?

In a National Post article by Adam Zivo, dated 10 August, 2023 crime rates across Canada are so bad it is causing small businesses to close. Businesses such as JJ Bean Coffee Roasters in Vancouver and Dudley’s hardware in Toronto – closed.

Of course those in the Liberal camp deny that crime is a problem, but, as Mr. Zivo states:

“However, according to Statistics Canada’s Crime Severity Index, which measures police-reported crime, violent crime is soaring. The total number of violent incidents reported in 2022 was 39 per cent higher than in 2015. These gains have largely reversed reductions achieved throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s — violent crime is now at levels unseen since 2007”.

When the levels of crime reach the point were we lose so many serving police officers, something is very wrong in our society. But is there a fix?

Apparently, not with the current Federal Liberal government in place. They have passed legislation to soften the response to serious crime and have done nothing to date to tighten bail restrictions for those accused of serious crimes. Comes as no surprise that these are the folks causing most of the trouble when they are out on bail awaiting trial.

So, what do we say to Sgt. Brandon Smith and his family who not only lost a partner on the job but a family pet as well? I say look to Ottawa and ask for real answers, as the cause of this problem of rising crime lies at the feet of the new Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc, like it or not and the Liberal Party of Canada lead by our Prime Minister.

Rest in Peace, Bingo…and thank you for saving your partner’s life!