On September 5th of this year it seems that the citizens of Scarborough lost two more good members. Lawrence Bruce apparently shot to death one Dequan Demos in the area of Markham Road and Ellesmere Avenue in a brazen drive by shooting mid-afternoon.

Seems Mr. Demos had been involved in a police investigation as reported by Postmedia News on 14 September, 2023:

In total, investigators seized 86 firearms (75 handguns and 11 long guns) in the GTA, 87 firearms in Illinois, 45 over-capacity magazines, 1,454 rounds of ammunition, three auto switches, three sets of body armour and approximately 1.5 kilos of fentanyl/carfentanil with an estimated street value of $300,000, as well as 1.8 kilos of cocaine with a street value of approximately $190,000, and $184,000 in cash”.

Now it is unclear exactly why Mr. Bruce took to shooting Mr. Demos but one thing is certain, they are both poster boys for Mr. Trudeau’s anti-firearms initiatives. Those seventy five handguns and eleven long guns surely were owned by lawful gun owners and this proves that our Prime Minster’s crusade has paid big dividends, right?

Perhaps the 1,454 rounds of ammunition seized was purchased on line from FOC and delivered by FedEx along with the 45 over-capacity magazines! The big question now is; how long before Mr. Bruce is let out on bail so he can perform his magic tricks all over again during another caper. Time will tell, but, should he be a member in good standing in a marginalized community, it certainly will not be long.

Should Mr. Bruce actually show up in Court at the appointed time and date provided to him and should he actually adhere to his bail conditions up until then and should he actually be convicted by a jury of his peers, if asked is he has anything to state by the Justice, he may actually say; “I’ll take reduced sentence for four years, Alex”.

Justice in Canada. Gotta love it! The criminal justice Gong Show just keeps rolling along getting better and better with each arrest of the cockroaches that infest our communities and there seems that the likelihood of any coherent response by our political leaders keeps fading further and further into the dark night descending on Canadian society.

Wake up, Canada, cause if the system don’t change the results ain’t going to change dummy!