“No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot” – Mark Twain

Welcome to the Trudeau/Modi punch-up.

Once again, our esteemed Prime Minister, who thinks he is the smartest politician on earth has landed in a prickly bush. He is accusing the Government of India, the land were he donned the curly-toed slippers and embarrassed the hell out of Canada, of arranging the murder of a Sikh activist on Canadian soil.

Mr. Trudeau made this announcement in the House of Commons, no less, on the opening of the fall session. To say that the House was shocked was an understatement at the least.

Did he put forth any concrete evidence as to the involvement of the Indian Government in this murder? Perhaps. Perhaps not, only vague references to knowledge that they were complicit. Why would he even mention this if there was an ongoing police investigation into the murder? Oh, because the evidence is based on “intelligence” (or rumour) rather than concrete physical evidence, all that hush hush national security stuff. Sounds much like the approach to gun control.

India’s Prime Minister Modi was, to say the least, incensed at Trudeau’s announcement. His “Modi-Operandi” was to issue a travel advisory to the citizens of India warning them of travel to Canada as a result.

This on the heels of Canada’s attempt to seal a deal on trade with India which is an emerging economic giant. For an anti-gun guy, Trudeau sure knows how to shoot himself in the foot!

This comes on the heals of an announcement that an Inquiry into foreign (Chinese) interference will be undertaken. Did they think no one else was doing this? You would have to have been hiding under a rock not to realize that foreign interference in domestic political affairs has been around since Christ was a Lance-Corporal!

This boondoggle may create serious problems aside from the diplomatic ones arising from this incident. It will create a hostile environment for international students who are already in Canada and most of Indian background who have already been targeted by the Government as a solution to the housing crisis.

It may initiate more racist reaction from certain contingents of Canadian society if it hasn’t already. We have a very large Indian Diaspora here in Canada who rightly identify as Canadian of Indian background, not foreigners, who have helped strengthen our country in general.

But, there are those in the minority out there in the hinterland who would take advantage of this situation to say; “See, we told you not to let these people in”. Those of the Sikh community may only be a starting point for those who intend to target minority populations in Canada. We can’t let that happen.

If our Prime Minister has identified India as being behind this killing, who else out there is carrying on the same type of operations under the guise, perhaps, of organized crime, local gang wars and other targeted hits?

This is a guy, our fearless Prime Minister, for whom no amount of evidence could convince him that lawful gun owners were of no threat to Canada’s public safety, thus fulfilling Mark Twain’s thoughts.