Take a hard look at this picture. This was taken from a man who was banned from
having a firearm by the courts. Police took it from him when they stopped him in his
vehicle according to an article in the Toronto Sun on 9 October, 2023.
Now, why would the Courts order a young man not to possess a firearm and then the
young man carried on in his vehicle while driving around Brampton? Perhaps he was on
his way to a shooting range were he would legally take part in some friendly target
practice. Or, maybe he was afraid to drive around Brampton alone without some sort of
protection against some very bad people!
I am sure that by now you have figured out that the occupant of that vehicle that was
stopped by police had other intentions in mind. I suspect that the young man did not
have a valid PAL, nor a prohibited license either. The Courts, if he ever had one, took
that away as well.
What the article did not mention is what happened to the young man when he was
charged by police. Let me fill in the blanks. He was probably taken before a magistrate
where he was given bail until his trial comes up (and never show up) or even more likely
in this day and age, just given a notice to appear for a court date and released (never to
be seen again) because, heaven forbid, he is from one of the disadvantaged groups
identified by the Liberal Government for immediate pampered treatment (catch and
release) by the justice system if caught doing something that you or I would be held in
jail for.
Now, the disadvantaged types that are being released under these conditions are the ones
that are driving around Brampton in nice shinny vehicles and are in possession of a
firearm that probably cost several months rent while their wife and kids are the cramped
apartment hungry and watching the movie; Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe on
black and white TV with rabbit eared antennae until Dad gets home from his drive-by
with the groceries.
You see, in Mr. Trudeau’s Magic of Make-Believe world, this is the type of young man
he wants his Sunny Ways team up there in Ottawa to support because all those people
out there who he has scammed with his carbon tax-save the environment approach to life
and maybe the NDP as well, will no doubt vote for him again when they realize how soft
he is on criminal who, in the long run, are just disadvantaged, poor, potential
Oh, buy the way, take another look at the picture above and tell me if you have ever tried
to shoot something that small or have seen a pistol like this at an IPSC match? Didn’t
think so.