The world seems to be going to Hell in a handcart these days. The ongoing war in the Ukraine never lets up and now the Israelis are dealing with Hamas and the situation in the Gaza area is becoming a human disaster for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

Of course, Canada continues to pledge its support for Israel, even though we were once again caught with our proverbial pants down in our attempt to rescue Canadian citizens from the terrible tragedy.

Was our Federal Government ready to step in and start extracting our citizens immediately? Of course not. Are they really ready to do anything right?

Consulate was closed on the weekend, phones off the hook and the staff were likely all at the beach sipping a Margarita at the time that Hamas attacked and provoked the deadly response from Israel. Now Canadians are finding it impossible to leave the country. Typical government boondoggle.

Recently our Prime Minister left the G-20 meetings, in yet another trip to a warm tropical destination, after making an impassioned closing speech to the gathered international representatives as they all have the opportunity to do.

Most speakers dealt with current ongoing real-world problems in a quest for solutions. According to one pundit, our Man in Havana, pictured below, gave an impassioned speech asking the world be become more Gender Sensitive!

This from the zealot who banned plastic stirring sticks and straws back home while trying to figure out how to keep those pesky assault-style rifles out of the hands of all the people he has deluged with his new, ever unpopular, carbon tax in an attempt to save the planet.

Now gender sensitivity certainly has its place in some societies. But, with two major military conflicts underway in Europe and countries were women can be killed for not wearing appropriate head covering, there may be more pressing international concerns than those raised by a preaching Prime Minister.

Well, the amnesty for handing in your prohibited firearm was about to run out and surprise, surprise, the government had no idea as to how to collect and pay out for the buy back program they intended to run like clockwork, so they extended the deadline until 2025 which, coincidentally, falls after the date of the next federal election.

Canada is a country in deep decline. Health care is failing miserably. Crimes of violence seem to be getting out of hand. Our justice system is falling apart and our military is in fear of total collapse. Yet, our Prime Minister, in his best impersonation of Elmer Fudd, seems focused on nothing but esoteric topics which nobody else, it seems, wants to hear about.

Is it time for a change?