According to some of the latest election polling, our esteemed Prime Minister is slipping in popularity in the polls. Is it any wonder? Below is an excerpt from a recent National Post article.

Opinion: Trudeau launches assault on property rights to answer housing shortage;
By Aaron Wudrick and Jon Hartley: the National Post, 22 November, 2023:

“Even more troubling is the broader trend of the government encroaching on Canadians’ property rights, ostensibly to compensate for its own housing policy failures. Dictating how citizens use their own property raises serious concerns about the government overstepping its bounds. In a country with well-established property rights, it is inappropriate and misguided for the government to meddle in the choices of families seeking to make ends meet by renting out their properties”.

A country with well established property rights seems out of step with the reality of life in Canada these days. If dictating how citizens use their own property is what the government is actually doing is true, we are in big trouble. The above article is talking about the current shortage in housing and the government’s attempt to regulate who and how many you can let live in your house or on your property. Or is it your property? The Feds are cracking down on short-term rental housing. Hmmm.

If you don’t play along and sell the government a piece of your property if they want to develop it, then they just expropriate it and your are done. Sorry for your loss. They tried a slight of hand trick with the green belt here in Ontario, but, it didn’t work out the way they thought. They had to back track due to adverse public opinion.

We have certain rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. There are fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, equality rights and language rights. However, no mention of property rights. Section 8 states:

“Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure”.

Does that include the seizure of personal property? I doubt it. You would have to have an Osgoode Hall law degree, or a grade six teacher’s interpretation of case law, to figure out what “seizure” actually means. So I guess we don’t have any property rights. Scary!

The government is trying to control what you say or see by going after the internet. Soon you may not be able to watch hickok 45! Have they tampered with your property? Well, they want to restrict what you say on social media, and see on You-tube, so that expensive device you bought at Best Buy, your new piece of property, may not be worth much now.

What about those legitimate purchases of non-restricted firearms. The government snuck around the democratic process by way of the order-in-counsel to initiate a buy back and take your property away. Didn’t have the courage to do it through the Parliamentary process.

And how about those who legally bought and/or invested hard earned money in restricted firearms? They are now your property not the government’s. But the Prime Minister just froze your right to sell, trade, buy bequeath or otherwise get ride of your property. Again, didn’t consult Parliament to pull that rabbit out of the hat. Surprised he hasn’t introduced a carbon tax on the ammunition you fire! Don’t hold your breath, it may be coming.

Your gas guzzling car is already on his environmental hit list. Is your Harley-Davidson next?

So, are Mr. Wudrick and Mr. Hartley right in suggesting that the government is overstepping its bounds with respect to property rights? Just ask any firearms owner. If this government is guilty of taking away our right to property, perhaps the next government, if we play our cards right, will restore and respect them!