According to Joe Warmington, in his December 20th article in the Toronto Sun discussing an interview with our Finance Minister, Freeland and the desperate need for food banks in her own riding, he discusses how out of touch she is with everyday struggles here in Canada:

In addition to inflation being out of control and more than a million immigrants coming into Canada this year amid a housing crisis where people are seeing their mortgage rates skyrocket, Freeland herself has been called out for a number of perceived out-of-touch moments in 2023.

Those included her saying that to cut back on expenses, her family is cancelling their Disney+ subscription. She was called out for having a chauffeur and car service available in Toronto after saying you don’t need a car here. She also stood and smiled in Parliament next to a soldier who served in a Waffen SS unit in Ukraine that was aligned with the Nazis, was caught speeding while in Alberta and was part of the Liberal cabinet retreat where caucus members dined out on lobster, smoked cigars and partied, while Canadians struggled to pay a new carbon tax with some forced to stand in line for food handouts”.

If we think as a result of the above statements that the clowns may be in fact running the circus up there in Ottawa, let us dig deeper into the expectations of our current leaders.

In the face of rising costs for food, mortgages, rent and transportation they now want every home owner to do two things. First, buy an electric vehicle by 2035, with currently little or no support infrastructure for these vehicles and I dare say not enough electricity capacity to deliver such infrastructure throughout the country. Takes a lot of hot air through those wind turbines to produce enough electricity for this one. Perhaps some of the hot air blowing out of Ottawa will help!

Currently it is hard to find an electric vehicle in Canada that doesn’t sell for anything south of fifty thousand dollars, less of course, tax. When a one bedroom apartment in Toronto is going for north of three grand a month that is not much to ask anyone is it? Now let us look at the heat pump industry.

Next, they want every home owner to install an electric heat pump in their home, promising that they may, yes I said may, be eligible for some sort of subsidy to support such a purchase. OK, it is anywhere from ten to twenty thousand for one of those, so how much would you get back?

It seems that these folks think that along with the never-ending search for housing, affordable or not, and the ever-increasing carbon taxing of everything that keeps us warm and moving, we now have the excess income to consider purchasing heat pumps for our homes in the never-ending fight to eradicate global warming.

When does the magic end? Even if successful, these programs would take years and even decades to come to fruition in a positive way. But might it not work out for the government, just as banning all sorts of firearms promised to eradicate gun violence? Let’s look at how that is going.


Toronto cops kept busy with several pre-Christmas shootings”.

Thus read the headline in the Toronto Sun in an article written by Kevin Connor on 24 December, 2023 which stated:

Toronto police were kept busy with several shootings Saturday night and Sunday morning”.

Wait a minute! The freeze on handgun ownership and the prohibition of hundreds of long guns was supposed to bring an end to these shootings. Perhaps Minister Freeland, recoiling in horror at the smoking guns in her riding, can reduce the smoke and contribute to a cleaner environment by ordering fewer cigars at the next Liberal retreat!