We as firearms owners have been under the gun (sorry) for a long period of time with the fact that we face a potential gun buy-back program as promised by the current Federal Liberal government. So, one might ask, were is it?

The Liberals, it seems, have a problem. They can’t seem to manage a two-man parade let alone anything that remotely looks like a well run government program. Our armed forces are in dire straights from constant government neglect to the point where, if re-elected, Donald Trump as President of the United States would kick Canada out of NATO.

Immigration, which we desperately need for both foreign students and otherwise, seems to be in a mess as too many folks are coming into a country that does not have sufficient housing to accommodate them. Don’t even ask about housing our domestic homeless folks. Again, with all due respect to the recent Super Bowl game, the Feds and the provinces have fumbled the proverbial ball!

As reported by Catherine Tunney for the CBC on Tuesday, 13 February, 2024 in a report on the Feds failure to appoint new Justices we have the following comment:

“With the greatest respect, the Court finds the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice are simply treading water,” Federal Court Justice Henry Brown wrote in his Tuesday decision…

“And with the greatest respect, they have also failed all those who rely on them for the timely exercise of their powers in relation to filling these vacancies. Also failed are all those who have unsuccessfully sought timely justice in the Superior Courts and Federal Courts across Canada.”

From his lips to Trudeau’s ears.

In another CBC report we find that the Government dropped the ball, yet again, with the development of the ArriveCan AP for travellers. Quoting auditor General, Karen Hogan, Sheena Goodyear reveals the following on her CBC radio account of 12 February, 2024 concerning Hogan’s report:

“It found that the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Public Services and Procurement Canada “repeatedly failed to follow good management practices in the contracting, development and implementation of the ArriveCan application.”

At this rate I would hesitate to ask anyone in this government to help tie my shoe laces. But wait, the Government says that Covid-19 got in the way, not mismanagement. Never the lack of a fall back line with these people.

The firearms buy-back program failed way before Covid hit. The Government couldn’t find any organization that wanted to take it on. They couldn’t even get Canada Post to do it, as if they deliver anything on time. They apparently balked because they didn’t want firearms owners walking into the local Shoppers Drug Mart with an armload of AR-15’s!

So, back to my original question on the buy-back; where are we? Well, we just don’t know as yet. But if the above agencies, “repeatedly failed to follow good management practices in the contracting, development and implementation of the ArriveCan application,” what can the Auditor General look forward to should the Government actually get around to finding someone who will take on the firearms buy-back program?

Time will tell.