If the seizure and arrests of the other day involving both Canadian and American law enforcement agencies, following a huge 274 gun bust as reported in the National Post on 22 February, 2024 didn’t highlight what gun owner’s in Canada already knew about the Liberal’s failed gun laws then the following report doesn’t surprise them either.

In his article in the National Post of 24 February, 2024, Rahim Mohamid, under the title of; “Trudeau’s gun crackdown isn’t a legislative magic bullet, new report shows”, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s third justice report card, released earlier this month, indeed makes for grim reading.

“Unfortunately for Canadians, the nationwide uptick in violence defies easy characterization and is unlikely to be reversed by any legislative magic bullet. Highly publicized gun control measures imposed by the Liberal government haven’t stopped firearms-related offences from increasing for eight consecutive years under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s watch. This calls into question the efficacy of the Trudeau government’s overarching strategy of curtailing legal gun ownership and criminalizing a growing list of firearm models”.

Well we all know by now that it was virtue signalling in order to create fear and win over the left leaning voters who don’t understand either the law or the legal firearms culture that exists in Canada.

But the Trudeau Liberals are like a dog on a bone. If the thing worked once, why not keep doing it. Well, if it fails, you start to look like an idiot. So I ask you, when was the last time you checked the daily news reports and did not see something about one or more shootings somewhere in the GTA. Or Montreal, or Vancouver even?

Yes folks, Liberals claim that their gun control laws are paying big dividends, at least in their minds. Why just this morning I read in the Toronto Sun that three people had been shot overnight in two separate incidents. One wounded and two dead but could have been three or four dead! Surely a great measure of success for Trudeau Liberal gun control.

Watching the CBC news last evening they showed an episode detailing the death of a woman from spousal abuse in, I think, a small town in northern Ontario. The guy killed both kids and her and everyone knew he was a nut job having threatened her many times but, it seems, no one could do anything to prevent it. He did not have a licence to own a firearm and no explanation is forthcoming as to were he got the gun. Perhaps the reader can hazard a guess?

Cut to a shot of the Police Chief with the woe-is-me look on his face telling the interviewer that there is nothing law enforcement can do until a criminal code offence is committed. See, criminal law can’t predict behaviour, it can only react to past behaviour. So, in Canada, if you do something bad but not necessarily criminal to your spouse the legal system can issue you with a piece of paper which will protect your spouse from harm.

With all the emphasis on restricting firearm ownership and access to them by the left leaning thinkers in this country, no one seems to be coming up with a reasonable approach to protecting vulnerable women from the clowns who want to do them harm.

This may explain why south of the border, in the United States of America, there is so much emphasis on encouraging women to obtain a gun license and a conceal carry permit, if their State allows it. And, most States do. Beats going to Court to get that piece of paper to protect them!