A lot is being promised by our Federal Government leader these days. Every morning it seems he is giving away billions of tax-payer dollars to prop up his failing Liberal government as the upcoming election approaches.

It is what the colonizers did with the indigenous folks back in the day when they wanted them to, as the song in the movie “Life of Brian” says, “always look on the bright side of life”, when they handed out trinkets and beads then so they won’t see how badly they were being screwed by the people who said; “trust me, I am with the Government and I’m here to help you”.

The latest from our Prime Minister is some sort of twenty-year plan for our failing military. Something like twenty billion over that time period. Would that not be inflationary? Probably, but look, the government of the day has had eight plus years in power and only now are they considering the ills of the military which they caused.

From the pen of retired General Rick Hillier in an article in the National Post on 9 April, 2024 we have the following observation:

“This is not Canada,” is a phrase we hear far too often. It seems to come from every politician, from all levels. It’s exclaimed after every illegal demonstration, hate crime, blocked street, gang shooting, home invasion, car theft and emergency room horror story… “This is not Canada” grates, harshly, especially when it comes from those who seem so out of touch with reality”.

The reality, of course, is that we still have a housing crisis, a shortage of doctors, long line ups at food banks, an immigration mess, mad truckers, rampant car thieves, carbon tax increases, gang shootings blamed on legal gun owners and a hockey team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967!

Never mind that there are riots at pro-Palestinian rallies which are blamed primarily on the police trying to keep the peace, rising antisemitism, anti-immigration reactions to foreign students, rising property taxes in our cities and now they are closing part of the Gardner Expressway in Toronto just to make driving in that city more fun!

Provincially the Ontario government has tried to destroy the Green Belt, assisted the Feds in giving billions away to foreign manufacturers before they have built anything and lately demanded that the LCBO go back to using paper bags for their products. I can’t wait until some advocacy group files a Constitutional challenge over that one. Best practices approach, I guess. Further, what happened to a buck a beer? Starting to make third world countries downright progressive!

On the other hand, it is spring and we are looking forward to another summer of good shooting, not only at the PRPC but in other venues such as IPSC and precision rifle and shotgun at other ranges as well.

Our club is preparing for its annual general meeting and elections as well as looking forward to an upcoming work day and the yearly BBQ, which is always a highlight of the summer.

Perhaps Mr. Hillier should take a look at how some of our shooting clubs are managed as organizations that, some how in the midst of all this political mess, seem to be managed and thriving quite well!