Cancel culture is at it again and they are out to get us. All of us, not just those who engage in legal activities with a firearm.

Pro Palestinian protests, marches, sit-ins and now encampments have become common place in societies around the world. The camping types started on campus lawns down in the good old U. S. Of A. It has since spread north of the forty-ninth parallel to good old Canada.

Many Canadian universities are now the site of these protest camps. My old alma mater, the University of Toronto, included. Of course, they want access to washrooms, water and food supplies within the university context and they expect to be treated with kid gloves because, of course, it is all about them.

Hard to believe that professional agitators are acting on behalf of Hamas in inciting these protests worldwide.

Campus police and security as well as local law enforcement stand around looking at the shine on their shoes and the delivery of their coffee, waiting for politicians to make up their minds what to do next. I can’t wait. Now, protesters are blaming police for potentially violating their human rights!

Notwithstanding (can’t help but use this politically hot topic here) that these camps are on private property, nobody seems to know were they stand legally. It seems simple. Give them notice that they are trespassing and a date and time to be gone or be charged under the Trespass to Property Act, just to get the game going. Police and security can’t help but end up as the bad guys here.

Oh, heavens no, but we have the right to protest. More than thirty-thousand civilians have been killed in Gaza by Israel’s military and we want a ceasefire. Yea, you are right and you should be concerned. It is always troubling to see civilians caught in the middle of a military conflict, notwithstanding (here he goes again) this one started with an atrocious act of terrorism which protesters seem to ignore.

You are right folks, being concerned, about helpless civilians is admirable and yes, quiet lawful protest can sometimes influence political decisions. But, are you not being just a little selective about all this? Why even our Prime Minister says that lawful protest is a legitimate form of discourse in Canada. But aren’t you a little worried about being accused of cultural appropriation by wearing cultural garments from someone else’s culture while protesting? Oh right, just like the PM did.

What happened to the plight of the Ukrainian civilians caught in that conflict? What about those trapped in the civil war in the Sudan? Being concerned about civilian deaths anywhere is laudable, but, aren’t these protests about the protesters more than the protests?

If you were truly concerned about the loss of civilian life would you not be better off to set up your protest camps on the lawn of Canada’s Parliament in protest of the forty-two thousand lives lost in this country since 2016 to illegal drug overdoses and the seeming total lack of concern from government? Pales in comparison to those who died by gunfire which brought immediate response. Gotta love cancel culture!

So to the protesters who insist that they have the only legitimate argument to violently put forth, I have one thing and only one thing to say; “go home”!

In the last instalment of The View I mentioned municipalities possibly contemplating by-laws that restricted or prohibited the use of firearms:

“Finally, one must hope that more municipalities don’t attempt to put forth more existing gun ranges in their respective municipalities before the Ontario Land Tribunal based on Mr. Whyte’s experience. That would truly signal the start of a big fight”.

Well, The Municipality of Trent Hills is proposing just such a by-law. Information can be found on the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters web site.