Thank God I live in Canada. Universal health care introduced way back in the 60’s when Tommy Douglas walked the scorched reaches of the prairies. Unfortunately, one needs a family doctor to access the health care system and as Stephen Leacock once wrote; “none could be found in the land of Judea”.

Home mail delivery has been a cornerstone of the Canadian way since Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Did he know which way he was going? Yes, but Canada Post apparently does not. The Crown Corporation has been chastised for suspending workers who, during the recent pandemic, worked from home but failed to get vaccinated. Good call folks.

More recently the Corporation has declared that it may have to suspend home delivery as it may be on the brink of bankruptcy. Why, our wily Prime Minister was going to take care of all that back in 2015 when first elected. He was going to send all mail delivery to community mail boxes. Didn’t pan out for him did it?

The Federal Government clearly knows were to put its money for the best return. Is this the organization that promised to buy back all those scary black guns that they put on the prohibited list. To date they have spent over forty-two million dollars on the proposed buy-back and not one gun has yet to be purchased, as no organization will take on this onerous tasks. Not even Canada Post or the RCMP, who said it was too dangerous to have their men and women in red, peeking in windows to see who had such guns!

Canada Post said it did not want to see gun owners walking into the local Shoppers Drug Mart carrying an arm load of AR-15’s as it would terrify the liberals who were in the store to pick up their Viagra. Canada Post refused the deal even on the brink of financial ruin.

More recently, the leaders of Canada’s Federal civil service union declared that their people would not go into the office to work as directed by their employer as they liked to work at home and watch soap operas on television and mind their pre-schoolers during the work day, just as they did during the pandemic. Canada Post union leaders have remained silent on that front, thank God, as it is hard to deliver mail from home at the best of times.

Now Canada Post should not wonder where the money is going. If you have ever had reason to see them on the street, you might ask how did they get there? All they do is walk. Well, most of them get to their assigned routes by taxi and guess who pays for that little service. You guessed it, the taxpayer.

Now why would mail carriers want to go out and collect guns when they can ride around the country in a nice warm cab that stands little chance of being car-jacked. Now I am sure that Canada Post cuts financial deals with cab companies that cost far less than the average designated driver could get.

On top of this our local mail carrier tells me that they get x cents for each flyer/advertisement paper they deliver. No wonder they don’t want to collect firearms.

With that thought in mind I think that when the time comes to hand in an AR-15 I will just call a cab, tell the driver I am a mail carrier and have them bill the Feds for the ride to collect my money!

Now, were did I put that mail carrier’s hat?