Not much going on in the shooting world at this time of the year. Oh yeah, the competition season is right around the corner so those enthusiasts who partake are usually found during foul weather days at the reloading bench, should they be lucky enough to find components.

The news has been somewhat slow as well, notwithstanding all the home invasions, shootings and car-jackings in the GTA over the past weeks. Seems the public is becoming immune to such tragic events or they actually believe that the Government’s attack on legal gun ownership has really brought Canada increased public safety.

Interesting article in the Toronto Sun on 14 March, 2024. this article had to do with Toronto Police advising people what to do to avoid home invasions by those looking to steal the upscale vehicles:

“To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your [key] fobs at your front door, because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else.” While that might sound like a quote from a car thief trying to make their own job easier, the above actually comes courtesy a Toronto Police Services constable, Marco Ricciardi, tossed out as a piece of advice during a community safety meeting late February”.

In a National Post article of the same date, Officer Ricciardi went on to state that: “A lot of them that we’re arresting have guns on them. And they’re not toy guns; they’re real guns. They’re loaded.”

As one person commented below the article: “Are these not the exact same Police that brought coffee and donuts to the Hamas Terrorist Protesters”?

OK, I just can’t wait to hear from the insurance industry on the advice given by this bright Officer on other issues. Next the Government will advise gun owners to… “just leave your guns by the front door, because they’re breaking into your home to steal your guns”. In today’s woke leaning society the logic of one should fit the logic of the other, right?

But, police say there are better ways to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Well, I must admit, I have never had my vehicle stolen. Nor, have I ever stolen one, just for the record. If you know what I drive then it is obvious why my vehicle sits all alone in my driveway, even if I leave the key in the ignition and the doors unlocked.

Now, back in the day, when I was employed by the good Province of Ontario and had to use my own vehicle for transportation, confrontation with those who radically disagreed with both the law and my application of it caused me to provide my own vehicle protection.

Mr. Cooper and I travelled the highways and byways of this good Province for nearly a quarter of a century with Mr. Cooper taking up his rightful place in the trunk of my car. Mr. Cooper is an aluminum baseball bat with soft, terry-cloth wrap around the grip to protect the hands that need to type any report of his involvement in my protection. Never had a problem and never had to write a report.

So in keeping with the good advice of Officer Ricciardi I should perhaps move the gun safe to the back door, key held firmly in the lock, and post a little note on the mail box for the inevitable intruders who may come looking for my pile.

My one question for officer Riccirdi would be; “loaded, or unloaded”?